Third Annual Good Afro Salon Awards

The Best of Stylists and Best of Clients On 22 November 2015, the UK’s leading Afro salon review website will host its popular and ever-growing Good Afro Salon Awards. Following in the spirit of its online community,’s Awards is the only ceremony featuring client votes as the only credential for award. Last year’s […]

Afro-Caribbean Awards: Enter Now and Market that Salon!

Last week, we gave you a few tips and tricks for using awards to market your oh-so-perfect Afro-Caribbean salon. Black hair is so unique, needing great care and service, and your incredible creativity and great customer service deserve to be recognized. We (hopefully!) convinced you that awards are a powerful way to market your salon […]

How to Use Awards to Market your Salon

Your Afro-Caribbean salon is awesome, spectacular, wonderful. Your online marketing is at peak performance. Everyone’s saying you create great hairstyles, your expertise is unsurpassed, your clients are happy and loyal. Everyone in your neighborhood is talking about you, and your social media is bumping. But even with all this hear-say saying your salon is great, […]

Advertise your salon on NoScrunchie

Afro-Caribbean salons are a niche, and with thousands of people in the UK looking for the perfect place, NoScrunchie’s listings can help you market your salon to the right people – those who are already looking for you. NoScrunchie provides a network for hair salon hunters and stylist aficionados to log on and find their […]

Marketing your salon

With thousands upon thousands of salons in the UK, it is important to ensure your salon floats above the flotsam of social media mentions and blog posts. Marketing your salon will help you build your brand and your clientele. Daunting? Yes, we know, but we’re here to help. With just a few basic marketing ideas, […]