NoScrunchie meetup – weave maintenance

NoScrunchie is all about healthy hair, we have no preference between relaxed or natural as long as you take care of it. One of the easiest ways to achieve healthy hair and retain length is by using protective styling. For this month’s meetup, we are concentrating on the weave and weave maintenance! Using the weave […]

Fashionable Spring Hairstyles and How To Maintain Them

Spring has sprung – blooming flowers, warmer weather, and sunny days. But with the constant change in climate and never knowing when you wake up if it’ll be steaming hot or freezing cold – it’s hard to know what to do with your hair. Especially if you have Afro hair which can be just as […]

Take care of your braids: Guest post by Root2Tip Haireducation

Since Beyonce and those beautiful box braids, even more of us are braiding our hair. We invited Sal from Root2Tip to tell us more about caring for our braids. Over to Root2Tip. Tell us more about how we can care for our braids: Braids are a great popular protective style, that can be worn all […]

Our favourite afro salon reviews in 2013

Having had a year of afro salon reviews on the site, we decided to pick a few of our favourites and share them with you all. We were glad to realise that there are a number of good afro salons and wanted to share! Hiikuss Hair Salon I’ve been going to Hiikuss since 2007 and […]

Present an Award at the 2013 Good Afro Salon Awards!

Not long now until the Good Afro Salon Awards take place! We are SO excited. Thanks for all of your reviews…do keep them coming…because if you review 3 or more salons between today and the 23rd of November YOU will have the chance to present an award at the ceremony to a winning stylist! The […]