Meet our sponsors: TreasureTress

We had the Good Afro Hair and Salon Awards on the 23rd of November and it gave us a good chance to work with a lot of amazing brands. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jamelia Donaldson from Treasure Tress to give us a brief over view of the brand. Please give us a brief […]

Winners Announced, 2017 Good Afro Hair and Salon Awards

The 5th Annual Good Afro Hair and Salon Awards were held on 23rd November at the the Cornwallis rooms, Montcalm Hotel in London. It was an exciting and intimate affair at which lots of salons and hair product suppliers got to network as they waited to hear the list of winners. We had a few […]

Meet our hostess Nana Akua aka LadyXsize

Our hostess for 2017 Good Afro Hair and Salon Awards is the lovely Nana Akua. Nana Akua Amoatemaa-Appiah was born in Newcastle-upon Tyne, her parents came from Ghana in the 60’s. The family relocated to America when she was 11 and she got a place at an all girls private boarding school in the UK […]

Fashionable Spring Hairstyles and How To Maintain Them

Spring has sprung – blooming flowers, warmer weather, and sunny days. But with the constant change in climate and never knowing when you wake up if it’ll be steaming hot or freezing cold – it’s hard to know what to do with your hair. Especially if you have Afro hair which can be just as […]

Errol Douglas Picks his Top Red Carpet Hair looks: OSCARS 2014

LUPITA NYONG’O  “The lady of the moment goes bold, channels Grace Jones and nails it again.  There’ll be much “what about that alice band” talk and that in itself shows her red carpet presence this season.  I love the contrast between a very feminine blue (that she said reminds her of  home city of Nairobi) […]