SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Obama; Rocking the Bangs and the cover of…

Would you have bangs? Have you got bangs? We would love to see your before and after pictures! Send them to us on Facebook or join the Forum for more discussions!

BAFTA Red Carpet Hair Pix from @ErrolDouglas1 @EDouglasSalon @TippetPR

Who was sporting your favourite look on the red carpet? Errol Douglas gives us his top 5 hair pictures and explains why…

NoScrunchie Celebrity Interview: Annaliese Dayes @AnnalieseDayes

My launch into modeling was mainly through my own determination as apposed to someone discovering me. But you could also say that Britain’s Next Top Model was my first break,

Happy Mothers Day from NoScrunchie! #mothersday

Us women work hard and have a million and one different hats to wear, day in day out. But today?

NoScrunchie Celebrates International Womens Day #womensday2013 @Clijsterskim

We know there are a lot of other truly inspirational women out there, some that we may not have heard of and others that we did not even think of. As you can tell, we are highly inspired by sports women (half of the list) and we are sure everybody has a highly different list.