Errol Douglas and his Bridal Team Share Their Top 5 Tips for your wedding hair!

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NoScrunchie introduces Ella B Tights!

We’ve been scouting the net to find you a fabulous giveaway this week and we have! The lovely ladies at Ella B have kindly given us a pair of their nude tights for all skin tones to give away to one lucky reader! Introducing Ella B ‘Nude Tights For All Skin Tones’: The new brand for […]

SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Obama; Rocking the Bangs and the cover of…

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Hair pulling may start at around age 11 years, although baby tric begins much earlier. Hair pulling has been known to also start later in life and can affect all ages. The effects of pulling can vary from un-noticeable to complete hair-loss, the disorder can also affect self-esteem and lifestyle.

Has your #naturalhair affected your career?

The very fact that there is negativity surrounding the issue of natural hair in the workplace literally makes NoScrunchie HQ quiver!