NoScrunchie meetup – weave maintenance

NoScrunchie is all about healthy hair, we have no preference between relaxed or natural as long as you take care of it. One of the easiest ways to achieve healthy hair and retain length is by using protective styling. For this month’s meetup, we are concentrating on the weave and weave maintenance! Using the weave […]

Keratin Treatments for Afro Hair

Are you in search of silky, sleek, ready-for-the-runway hair without an exhaustive daily routine? Keratin treatments may be just the solution you’re looking for in order to tame your hair. Whether you call them Brazilian keratin treatments or by one of the many brand names on the market today, a keratin treatment is ideal for […]

Healthy scalp for healthy hair by trichologist Shirley McDonald.

Healthy hair is our passion. And we know that without a healthy scalp we cannot achieve that. We got in touch with a trichologist, Shirley McDonald who knows the ins and outs of a healthy scalp and hair! Tell us a bit about yourself: Since qualifying in 1991 as a Consultant Trichologist, I have indulged […]

Our Favourite things – Gift basket

With such a wonderful year we’ve had here at the NoScrunchie HQ, it’s time to lay out our mentions to some wonderful brands and women entreprenuers in the hair and beauty industry that we’ve come across. Hence we’ve cobbled together a gift basket of some lovely beauty finds that we thought needed to be shared […]

Natural hair moisturisers: where to shop by Ms Katsonga- Neno Naturals

GUEST POST by Ms Katsonga from Neno Natural. Where to Shop For Natural Hair Moisturisers Questions on moisturising Afro hair come at the top of my request list. Dry hair is a major problem for naturals but once you’ve found the best products and routine for your type of hair the problem will cease to […]