Healthy hair events in London!

There are lots of healthy hair events for afro hair happening in London in the next number of weeks. We are very intrigued by the events that include both natural and relaxed hair for after all, it’s the health of your hair that counts! Mane divas mobile hair workshops   First of the healthy hair […]

Lice in Afro Hair. Myths and facts!

Lice are not hygiene related!   Lice in Afro hair may not be the most glamorous topic to discuss but is surely important to shed light upon for yummy mummies whose kids can bring home these very friendly insects. First things first, regardless of hair type the misconception has to be broken that head lice […]

NoScrunchie meetup – weave maintenance

NoScrunchie is all about healthy hair, we have no preference between relaxed or natural as long as you take care of it. One of the easiest ways to achieve healthy hair and retain length is by using protective styling. For this month’s meetup, we are concentrating on the weave and weave maintenance! Using the weave […]

Take care of your braids: Guest post by Root2Tip Haireducation

Since Beyonce and those beautiful box braids, even more of us are braiding our hair. We invited Sal from Root2Tip to tell us more about caring for our braids. Over to Root2Tip. Tell us more about how we can care for our braids: Braids are a great popular protective style, that can be worn all […]

Interview with the Natural Lounge’s Angel Dike

What’s most important for you and your own hair. Health or Length? Thickness or Length? Shine or Thickness?

Well for all three my hair is naturally thick so I wouldn’t have to choose. I would always go for health over everything as long hair does not always equal beautiful,