NoScrunchie Second annual Good Afro Salon Awards, the UK’s leading afro salon review portal, hosted the second annual good afro salon awards – the only award ceremony in the hair industry where winners are chosen by loyal consumers. The ceremony was held at the L’Oreal Academy on 2nd November with MIZANI and Edgestick as sponsors. The ceremony brought together critics, hair specialists, […]

Salon etiquette for the client.

It is very easy for clients to complain about the stylists’ etiquette but it’s important that we stop and think about our own salon etiquette.  So who better to help us evaluate our etiquette than celebrity stylist Eugene Davis with 20 years worth of industry experience. Don’t be late. It’s a human trait to dislike […]

Hair stylist etiquette: Guest post by Eugene Davis

The one thing that customers complain about the most on NoScrunchie is the service they receive from hair stylists. The customer care or lack of it, the lack of reliability and honesty amongst other things. So if you are a stylist looking to better your trade or a budding stylist , read on as Eugene […]

NoScrunchie’s Second Meetup

We were very excited about our second meetup due to the success of our first one. We had received really good feedback from the first one and took into account a lot of the comments. Once again, we had a nice chat about NoScrunchie, the who, what and why. This was by one of our […]

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Hair pulling may start at around age 11 years, although baby tric begins much earlier. Hair pulling has been known to also start later in life and can affect all ages. The effects of pulling can vary from un-noticeable to complete hair-loss, the disorder can also affect self-esteem and lifestyle.