NoScrunchie’s Second Meetup

We were very excited about our second meetup due to the success of our first one. We had received really good feedback from the first one and took into account a lot of the comments. Once again, we had a nice chat about NoScrunchie, the who, what and why. This was by one of our […]

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Hair pulling may start at around age 11 years, although baby tric begins much earlier. Hair pulling has been known to also start later in life and can affect all ages. The effects of pulling can vary from un-noticeable to complete hair-loss, the disorder can also affect self-esteem and lifestyle.


I think it’s a much bigger deal than it needs to be, I have been natural most of my life and also have had relaxed for about 6 years and enjoyed both textures…

NoScrunchie Interview: Errol Douglas

“For me, I’m a hair health nag – above all, healthy hair is the real star – relaxed or natural. Afro hair needs constant hydration and above all expert experienced care. It’s all in the right stylist, level of experience (specific afro experience) and a dual commitment to its management in salon and at home. ” Errol Douglas