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Eye of Horus is an Australian brand of colour cosmetics, established in 2012 with a fan base consisting of professional make-up artists and celebrities. Illuminating cosmetics designed for the every day Goddess, based on sacred formulas borrowed from the ancient past, which ‘Awaken the Goddess Within’® Over the past three years the brand has grown dramatically, building a cult following with beauty bloggers and is now launched internationally with a Distribution in New Zealand, the UK, EU and The Philippines, and with retailers all around the world.

A sensitivity to eye makeup inspired CEO, Holly Spierings’ initial research into Mascara formulations, after her previous work on an organic skin care range. “I needed to develop a mascara that I could use, that would not irritate my eyes, smudge or flake and would actually nurture and assist lash health and growth. ”


The hero product, Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara became the brain child of business partners Holly Spierings and Amy Lennane. Together, they discovered the answers to the best, non-smudge, and non-sensitizing, mascara and eye products lay with the originators of beauty and makeup, the ancient Egyptians, who used protective waxes and precious nurturing oil-based makeup. They joined forces with beauty retail expert Nicole Spierings and business woman Heather Spierings to develop the iconic Eye of Horus cosmetics range that awakens the goddess within you. The Eye of Horus family was complete.



Ancient Egyptians wore iconic eye cosmetics, as they believed that it had magical power. They lined their eyes with a black Kohl creating an almond-shaped eye. The almond-shaped eye resembles the falcon eye of the God Horus. The eye of Horus was believed by the Egyptians to have magical protective powers to ward off evil spirits, protect their eyes and provided a statement of beauty. A cosmetic range developed focusing on the highest quality and performing products possible to make every woman feel like a Goddess – Ω Goddess Mascara Ω Liquid Liner Ω Range of Goddess long wearing pencils Ω Range of essential brow products Ω Italian baked shadows Ω Metallic liners Ingredients selected included those used in the past such as rice bran, bees wax, candellila and carnauba wax and organic castor oil, lavender flower, star anise extract, evening primrose oil, and the revered ancient Egyptian organic moringa oil, oil of the Pharaoh’s found in Tutankhamen’s tomb, also known as ‘The Tree of Life’ as it was revered by the Gods for its beautifying and regenerating power.


The Trends that guide our NPD, (New Product Development) include – 1. Growing awareness of unsafe ingredients and the preference for natural and organic products 2. Value and Performance. Highest quality customized formulas that meet our meticulous standards 3. Essential products, ease of use, with innovation in packaging 4. The growing population with sensitivities 5. Animal welfare. No animal products, No animal testing 6. Listening to our consumer and responding to their requirements and desires. New products this year will include – Ω A range of 6 x wax based Colour Sticks for eyes containing Scared Basil for skin conditioning Ω A Vegan Volumising Mascara containing regenerative sea algae to add alongside our Goddess Mascara Ω A range of 6 x Slim Stick Lipsticks with desert essence of moringa, jojoba, rose and peppermint oils to plump, nourish and regenerate.



We are considered unique as a brand, as we do not rely entirely on glamour, but have a real story that inspires. The BENEFIT brand has its own personality and our products have been associated with this brand for its unique identifiable marketing and essential products. BARE MINERALS have a natural edge and has also been seen as a benchmark. Charlotte Tilbury’s quality has been associated with our quality. Our pricing is considered upper mid.


Our mission is to create and deliver the highest quality, natural based, and affordable range of essential makeup that every woman desires and cannot live without. Through our media we influence a lifestyle and ethics of the true Goddess, which depicts beauty, freedom, and consideration for others and our planet. By the success of our brand, we have the ability and means to encourage these attributes, and give back through our Goddess Foundation. GODDESS FOUNDATION PHILOSOPHY . That all women and children of our world deserve and should have the basic rights to freedom of speech, education, and thrive in areas of health, abundance, opportunity and love.



We have positioned ourselves as a niche ‘must have’ affordable brand, crossing into premium, with repeat customer loyalty. Our demographic targets the 25 – 45 consumers who are social media savvy, educated with personal income to choose a product that meets their criteria of performance, safe and natural ingredients, and considers the cause of animal welfare. They are interested in experimenting with new looks through YouTube blogger reviews and aspires for the lifestyle that the brand presents.


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