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    How does one choose a wig? Are there some rules to choosing a wig? I have bought many that I fail to wear when I get home. They never suit me when I am out of the shop. Help?


    If you want to buy a wig, the site’wig is good.You can look. website:
    I hope my suggestions can help you, I wish you happiness!



    Thanks celebrity hair. Are you only based online? If I buy a wig online, how do I know it will suit me?


    Kani Boudoir

    Hi Hair Ambassador

    I’m Kani from Kani Boudoir, there are a few things you need to know when choosing any type of advance lace system (these are wigs, frontals and closures). You have the option of getting a custom wig or standard size which small, medium and large. I would recommend a custom wig as it is created to fit you specific head measurements.

    Next you need to know the different type of lace for you wig to create that natural flawless look or illusion of hair growing from you scalp. You need to know if you want synthetic or virgin hair and your provider should be able to give you colour options or recommend a natural colour to compliment you skin tone.

    Let me know if this helpful and if you like Kani Boudoir could help you get a custom wig



    Hey Kani Boudoir,

    Do you want to provide more details om how people can reach you?


    Kani Boudoir

    Hi Noscrunchie

    For more information on custom advanced lace systems and virgin hair you can find us on You can also call me on 07985441934 or use whatsapp. Please free to stop by and post your comments or questions on our page and I will be sure to get back to you

    xoxo Kani


    Hi Hair Ambassador

    I’m really glad I came across your question as it can be really frustrating trying to find a wig that looks real and replicates afro caribbean hair. The wigs they sell in the hair shops on the high street are simply not good enough in my eyes.

    I’ve been wearing a wig for 5 months now and I absolutely love mine. I’ve overheard girls whisper to their friends “…is that her hair?”

    Take a look at one of my pages and if you like feel free to get in touch – I really want to eradicate people wearing wigs that look like wigs – they should be undetectable.

    The Hair Enthusiast




    Thanks for your post. Great blog by the way. I would love to chat more about your wig business and your hair journey.
    Please email me on



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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