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    5 natural hair mistakes from Curly Nicki
    Joining bandwagons. Don’t do it because everybody else is.
    Hair typing. Trying to do the 4a b c routine.
    Throwing away products that work. It is not going to work immediately.
    Black people, black hair, black products. Yes caucasian hair products can work!
    Natural is as easy as 1-2-3
    Read more here:

    A few more from Toal, My Long hair journey:
    If you are starting your hair journey, find a blogger whose hair texture most closely relates to yours and follow that journey.

    Do not be afraid to try out products that look like they cater to the Caucasian hair market. It’s all about the ingredients and not the picture on the bottle.

    Aloe vera. If your hair is dry or you have underlying scalp issues, washing your hair with aloe Vera will do it a world of good.

    Coloring hair: Do not mess with coloring your hair as an amateur. Leave it to the professionals. Natural hair is strong but that does not mean that you cannot mess it up.

    Read more about this here:



    My biggest mistakes:
    1) Not washing my hair in sections. I got a big matted mess which resulted in a lot of hair loss during detangling.
    2) Not detangling before washing. Same result as above.
    3) Leaving the hair to air dry without detangling it and putting into braids or some sort of quick protective style. Same results as above.
    4) Adding olive oil to the ends of my hair to seal without moistursing first.
    5) Doing my hair impatiently and combing it recklessly to be quick!
    6) Spritzing my hair with just water – this left it feeling dry and crunchy shortly after although this sounds counterintuitive!
    7) not thoroughly detangling hair before going to the hairdressers thinking she would gently detangle my hair – instead she yanked through the tangles with a fine/narrow toothed comb.
    Many many more…



    For me, my mistakes are:

    1. Not going to a hairdresser that specialises in natural hair or simply asking them to take care with my natural hair. Many hairdresser that I have used just want to get the job done and will use even a fine tooth comb vigorously to detangle my kinks.

    2. Using products that contain synthetics and then trying to wash them out with completely natural shampoos.

    3. Doing nothing with my hair before bed and then expecting it to be fine the next morning when I go out.

    4. Thinking that someone else’s hair routine and products of choice is right for me.

    I think everything else is apart of the journey, sometimes when I can’t be bothered to deal with my hair I just want to put my hair in braids or weave (there is nothing wrong with that). However, the longer I spend with my natural hair the more I am learning new styles and methods that work for my hair.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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