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    I’m a long-term transitioner and a bit of a product junkie. Here is my current products:

    1) Shampoo: KeraCare hydrating detangling shampoo (non-sulfate,good pH)
    2) Regular Conditioner: KeraCare humecto creme conditioner
    3) Deep Conditioner: Nexxus Humectruss Deep Conditioner
    4) Protein Reconstructor: Nexxus Emergencee
    5) Leave-in Conditioner: KeraCare Leave-in
    6) Moisturiser: KeraCare oil moisturiser but currently looking for a better one for my hair
    7) Heat Protector: KeraCare Strenthening Thermal Protector, Nexxus Phyto-Organics Thermal Heat protector
    8) Detangler: KeraCare Detangling Conditioning mist (and other cheap kids ones if I want to use a lot before washing)
    9) Oils: Castor (for my edges), Coconut oil (to seal), argan oil and jojoba oil
    10) Scalp: Wild growth oil. Currently trialing Profectiv growth renew as it has biotin in it.
    11) Butter: Shea butter (sometimes used to seal)
    12) Sleeping: silk scarf at night or a silk bonnet



    Thank you for sharing this information.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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