Hair stylist etiquette: Guest post by Eugene Davis

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The one thing that customers complain about the most on NoScrunchie is the service they receive from hair stylists. The customer care or lack of it, the lack of reliability and honesty amongst other things.

So if you are a stylist looking to better your trade or a budding stylist , read on as Eugene Davis, celebrity hair stylist gives some tips on great stylist etiquette.

  • If you’re overbooked or running late, tell your client as soon as possible or ensure the front desk staff handle it. Do not leave your client sitting in the waiting area wondering what happened.  If you’re running behind by more than 30 minutes, offer to reschedule the appointment at a discounted rate; your client will appreciate you being respectful of their time.

great stylist etiquette

  • Your client wants a great haircut and style (or colour), so be patient and kind when discussing how to achieve that. Explain everything: Assume your client has never heard of a fringe or an inverted cut and doesn’t know the difference between cutting techniques. Be sure to ask your client if they have any questions about what you’ve recommended, and if they do, clarify it for them.


  • Be clear about the costs. As a great hair stylist, it is best to assume the client didn’t do any research and that the front desk staff didn’t do their job when booking the appointment. That means you must be up front about what everything is going to cost. This is especially true for chemically processing hair, as each service has a different price. Presenting cost at end of service without discussion can be a shock for client and uncomfortable for everyone.


  •  Honesty is the best policy, up to a point. Be patient and listen, offer a kind smile in a reassuring tone, but if you can’t give the client what they want, be upfront and say so. Explain why, and describe what you can do. Offer a positive alternative rather than just “no”, also never make the client feel insecure.


  •  Don’t expect a tip for mediocre or poor service. It is not a given that a client will leave a gratuity, it’s something you as the hair stylist must earn. Just as you, wouldn’t tip a restaurant server who was lazy or rude.   A client at the salon shouldn’t tip a stylist who does a substandard or inadequate job. “Expect the cost of the service, but work for the tip”.


  • Put away your cell phone while you’re working on the salon floor! Your clients shouldn’t have to wait while you check your email, respond to a text message, or “Like” a post on Facebook. When you’re on the salon floor, you’re on the job. So be professional, direct all of your attention and focus on your clients; not your cell phone.


  •  Keep conversation pleasant and professional. It is very tempting, especially when a client brings up certain topics. Never talk intimately or too personally about religion, money, sex, romance, or even politics. Avoid these topics as much as possible, as well as any gossip about the salon. Whatever you do, be mindful not to put the client in the crossfire of your battle with a co-worker or manager. That is the just unprofessional behaviour and is not why the client is there, this behaviour is guaranteed to make your client uncomfortable.

We, at NoScrunchie believe that this will get a salon top ratings! If you know a good salon with great hair stylists that have figured the above out, do let us know by reviewing on

Written by EDH or follow Eugene on Twitter


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January 11, 2014
I have a question about wrapping hair. When I leave the salon, I am always told to wrap my hair but I am not sure how. Any ideas?

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