How to be salon savvy: Choosing a good afro salon

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The team at NoScrunchie had to write a few tips for Spell Magazine, October edition on how to choose a good afro salon and we have since been thinking of things to add to the list so we thought we would share.

Spell magazine October

How to choose a reputable afro salon?

Recommendation. Recommendation. Recommendation.  We cannot stress that enough. In the past, you asked friends and family, went to the same salons as them and ended up making the same hair choices. In 2013, you check NoScrunchie, find afro salons that have been reviewed by your peers and make the hairstyle choices that are best for you.

hiikuss salon on NoScrunchie

Skill of the hairdressers.

Afro hair salons in the UK are not required by law to employ trained stylists so do your research before you go. If you call to book, ask about the range of stylists and their qualifications.


Reputable salons will have a price list when you book. Be sure to ask about the range of stylists, from junior to top stylist. If you are in for a treatment, book the junior stylist. If you want a cut and colour, I would book the most senior person available.

Questions I would ask:

Are the stylists trained? Simple question but it’s your hair, you need to know!

Can I make an appointment? Will it be honoured? What happens if it’s not? You should at least get a discount if they keep you in for hours past your appointment time.

Are the prices fixed? Do ask especially if your hair is natural, thick or really long. The prices should be fixed but we hear stories about salons trying to change the prices because of the above reasons which makes no sense to us at all!

xojane afro salon

Typical price bands.

Sadly there seem to be no typical price bands within afro salons. It seems to be based on location, skill of hairdressers and in most cases totally randomly. This is one of the things NoScrunchie is taking up with salons so there will be change eventually.


Speak up. You are the customer and if you do not say what you want, the stylist has no way of knowing.

Check afro salon reviews before you go. Do not go to a new salon blindly especially if you want to do something that will potentially alter your hair for a while like coloring, cutting and relaxing.


Do not go to an afro salon just because they have a celebrity stylist. Check before you go if this stylist will be the one that does your hair or else you will be very disappointed.

Do not entertain bad service. Salons are not doing you a favour by providing good service, it is your right!

Do not walk into a salon where you wouldn’t risk eating. If a building looks so bad, you couldn’t imagine eating in there, its probably best you do not walk in as chances are there will be no bathrooms!

Do not bow to any pressure! YOUR HAIR, YOUR RULES!

Read Spell Magazine online or in Pride Magazine.

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