How to Use Awards to Market your Salon

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Your Afro-Caribbean salon is awesome, spectacular, wonderful. Your online marketing is at peak performance. Everyone’s saying you create great hairstyles, your expertise is unsurpassed, your clients are happy and loyal. Everyone in your neighborhood is talking about you, and your social media is bumping. But even with all this hear-say saying your salon is great, all those official bodies haven’t even heard of you! There are great awards out there for Afro Salons – awards like the Black Hair and Beauty Awards or the L’Oreal Colour Trophy – and applying for and, of course, winning these accolades means big marketing opportunities for your salon. How can you use awards to market your salon? Let’s think….

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop or a restaurant with a thousand award stickers on the door? Have you ever picked a place because you saw it on ZAGAT or TripAdvisor? Well there are plenty of awards for hair salons as well, offering similar authority and marketing potential. There are several big awards for Afro-Caribbean salons, including the Black Hair and Beauty Awards, the NoScrunchie Good Afro Salon Awards, the British Hairdressing Awards, and of course the L’Oreal Colour Trophy. All of these recognize quality and award unique salons with high standards. It takes a bit of work to get awarded, making it all the more worth the prestige you’ll receive. Most awards ask that businesses apply; check the individual websites to see more information.

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But why should you bother? Shouldn’t your quality be so good that people want to award your salon without any application or marketing effort on your part? Well, that’s definitely true (we love you!), but with so many salons, even just in the UK, awards can help yours stand out among the crowds. So once you’ve won all those awards that you so obviously deserve, be sure to use them to your advantage in your marketing.


Use Awards to Impress your Loyal Clients

Loyal customers will love that you were awarded. They’ll be bragging to everyone that they knew your salon long before it was nationally – nay, internationally – recognized. Awards can give you clout from an authoritative body that you need to place yourself as an expert in your specialties. Ensure that your clients know you’ve got it by placing a plaque or a sticker in a visible place in your salon: on the front door, on the reception desk, or on the individual workstations. Let your followers know on social media, and place the news in your email newsletter.

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Use Awards to Gain New Clients

Potential clients may be more easily swayed to your place because of your recognized quality. Make sure that your awards are listed visibly on your website homepage, put them in your profile pages on websites like NoScrunchie and TripAdvisor, and even consider describing yourself as the “award-winning” salon all over the place! You’ve earned it. Ensure that you brand the salon alongside its accolades. The award has come from an authoritative body, and that authority will often be enough to convince potential clients to try your salon.

Use Awards to Improve your Salon

Awards give you a bit of clout, and this clout can go a long way to improve your place over time. Awards can boost your employee morale, and it can also ensure that you attract higher quality applicants in the future. Awards will bring in more clients and work if marketed properly, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to keep improving your image and your marketing over time. Before you know it, you’ll be rolling in prizes and oozing clients. We can’t wait to hear about you!
Awards can be difficult to earn, but once you do, ensure that your salon shouts it’s reputation from the mountaintop! Get a stick for your door, put the award on your website, litter your print and web copy with the words “award-winning” because, hey, you’ve earned it!

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