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With thousands upon thousands of salons in the UK, it is important to ensure your salon floats above the flotsam of social media mentions and blog posts. Marketing your salon will help you build your brand and your clientele. Daunting? Yes, we know, but we’re here to help. With just a few basic marketing ideas, a great social media personality, and website listings such as on NoScrunchie, your lovely little salon will be catching the eye of everyone in town and obviously everyone on Facebook, too.

Marketing your salon: The Basics

Every great business starts with a great looking business card. Okay, that’s a bit petty and exaggerated, but let’s be honest. A great salon will have a great, cohesive, eye-catching, heart-stopping brand personality. So get those business cards ready. Build a website, maybe a blog, open your social media profiles. Try to keep them all cohesive. Pick a design for your website or blog (if hosting on, you can choose from thousands of great design templates for a small, once-off fee. A great investment, we think), and decide to keep the look of your brand consistent across all platforms — website, social media profile pictures, business cards, email newsletter design, flyers, and everything else in the world.

marketing your salon website

Social Media Marketing

In the world of friend-counts and the obnoxious political rants of old acquaintances, social media can be a pain. But for your business, Facebook will be one of your best friends. The most important social media outlets include Facebook (which sees the most users), Twitter (which is a favorite among users) and Instagram (with its pretty pictures!), though there are many others such as Pinterest that you may want to add to your arsenal.

marketing your salon pinterest

noscrunchie on pinterest

Social media is about engagement and content. Build your content, and you’ll build your likes and follows. Selectively share content like client before and after pictures, giveaways and promotions, or even funny staff moments. Infiltrate your posts with your business’ personality. Don’t just post statements about the best way to style hair for a wedding. Post pictures, ask questions of your fans, or even engage fans by hosting a small contest for the best wedding hair style! Social media is also a great place to host giveaways or flash sales. Use hashtags – both your own and local favourites – to promote a giveaway such as a free salon service. If you work on a bridal party or fashion show’s hair for a specific event, post live updates as the group gets ready.

Posting regularly maintains your engagement with users and your local area, but don’t stress too much about making sure you’re always online and posting silly photos. Utilize web applications such as Hootsuite or CoSchedule to upkeep your online presence without your nose glued to the screen.

Utilizing Photography

Media such as Instagram depend on photography, so don’t overlook the importance of a great picture. Don’t worry so much about taking all your photos with fancy cameras, but do take the time to ensure that each photo looks its best and create a cohesive style by using a photo editing app such as VSOCam. The extra five minutes spent on your photos will not only bring all of your content to the same level and lend it the same personality – thus helping your brand-building – but it will also look that extra bit professional.


Good photography of inspire beauty salon

Post pictures of your salon, your staff, and your clients. Use Instagram to run a weekly campaign like “Friday Favourites”, and collage before and after pictures of your hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to be your own model as well. Maybe your staff like to mess about with new hairstyles when the salon is quiet. Maybe you all have a laugh and a pizza every Friday afternoon. Whatever it is, build your sense of salon personality through your photographs as well. Your clients will appreciate it, and anyone perusing your social media platforms will feel the camaraderie from gigabytes away.

Advertising and Marketing

Yes, the age of the phonebook adverts may be at an end. We love social media. But it is not your only marketing tool. Take advantage of paid advert programs like Facebook Ads and Google Adsense to get the word about your salon to local viewers who might be interested in your services. Check your listings on websites that specialize in local businesses like Yelp, and take advantages of listing services and forums like NoScrunchie. Getting the word around in places where potential clients are already looking means you’re grabbing the attention of people who are already looking for what you have to offer.


salon listings on noscrunchie

Consider partnering with a local event company or venue to become their exclusive partner. Every time they have an event, you will get the business, and vice versa. Win-win! Plus, it is a huge bode of confidence for potential customers if a great local business boasts about another local business. Talk about trust-building.

Get people talking about your salon, whether on social media or in real life, and you’ll get more and more people trusting your business. Build the talk surrounding your salon with a referral program among clients. Partner with a local photographer to create a beautiful campaign or feature that you both can use. Whatever you decide to do, whichever tips you decide to try, remember that there are people already looking for your business and that there are many other salons that offer similar services. Be different, and show it. Use your marketing not only to get your name out there but also to build your brand and create a business personality that everyone’s going to want to be friends with. After all, Facebook friendships always translate to real life, right?


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