NoScrunchie meets Vinna Best (Officially Natural) @ON_UK

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Meet Vinna. She is the founder of Officially Natural (ON), dedicated to providing all you need to know to make the most of your natural hair. She is also about to bring the first ever ‘Natural Hair Week” to the UK.  Working alongside Diane Hall, author of ‘I Grew It Long’ and of course, NoScrunchie are going to be offering a helping hand too! Exciting times.

vinna best

Vinna is a person of ethics. She believes in health, education and happiness and believes that we can stamp the ignorance away, slowly but surely.

After a rather memorable (for all the wrong reasons) trip to the salon when she was 15, she decided to go natural.  She reminisces seeing someone’s hair on Mr Cooper and vowed then to ‘get that hair!’. She remembered telling the stylist that she wanted short hair, but quickly learnt that you should never say that word, unless you want a crop! Which was exactly what she left with, much to her dismay. (Girls, note to self, always be specific with measurements otherwise, the stylist will just do what they want to do!)

She has been through the hair transition a couple of times since then and calls ‘the big chop’ a ‘Britney Spears’, without the madness!’

Vinna used to go to the salon and sit there while they blow dryed the hell out of her roots.  “And that great look when it’s been raining and your hair turns it into an afro with straight edges “ From then on in, she wasn’t playing that game anymore! She even encouraged her mum to go natural after years and years.

She said, interestingly that the attitude towards her from the boys had changed.  She felt that there are men out there that would not find her attractive because of the natural hair and they would purposely look for partnerships with females that didn’t have afro hair.  She also stated that on the flipside, she often gets guys coming up to her calling her ‘sister’, which she will always reply to with the same retort….I am NOT your sister.

We asked Vinna whether she thought of the unavoidable natural vs relaxed debate and whether she thought that the ‘naturalistas’ of this world were typecast. It was a subject we talked about for a while but she summed up by saying that she often finds that people automatically think she is cultured (or into 1970s soul music!). We don’t actually mind the odd pair of flares but agreed, it’s an old idea that needs eradicating. We spoke about fashion and trend and the idea of ‘bringing natural back’ being more like a statement and both agreed that it is deeper than just being current. It means freedom, peace, love and happiness.

We were immediately drawn to Vinna and her brand as we believe she is part of a positive change movement, just like NoScrunchie. We are highlighting education, nutrition, hair care and setting good role models for future generations.

We couldn’t let her go without asking her what her top hair tips were. She answered with no hesitation. Water and Vitamin D. It cleanses the skin as well as the hair and lastly, protein – fish, eggs etc. All your hair is made up of protein so keep feeding it what it needs!

And if you are looking for a good afro salon, remember to check out NoScrunchie ofcourse.




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