Errol Douglas and his Bridal Team Share Their Top 5 Tips for your wedding hair!

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Errol Douglas

This blog post comes straight from the mane mans mouth.. and his extraordinary team! Thank you to Karen at Tippett PR.

This year’s awards season took a journey back in time, providing much inspiration for this year’s brides to be wanting to combine classic with red carpet glamour for the big day. The Errol Douglas Bridal team, with over two decades of experience in big day hair, have selected the break out looks from those celebrities rocking the Oscars, Grammys, SAGS, BAFTAs and Golden Globes this year. They share their insider tips on how to transfer them to the aisle. Anna Bloomer (Senior Stylist Artistic Team), Karis O’Brien (Creative Stylist)  & Jessica Speechly (Head of Colour), share their tips and picks:


Anna Bloomer, Senior Stylist, Artistic team, says: ‘I’ve loved that return to old school glamour mixed with a few bolder confident cuts – they create a great palette for every bride”

1.Veronica Lake Inspired Polished Waves (Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon At The Oscars & Jlo At The Grammys)

“For timeless ‘old school Hollywood’ glamour, high polished 1940’s waves were favoured by many celebrities on the red carpet.  This look makes the most of long hair and is perfect for brides who may not feel comfortable with their style pinned up” says Anna

How to get the look:
“Prep hair with Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream to ensure a smooth foundation texture. Tong hair in inch width sections and pin curl to the scalp to keep strength to the curls as the hair cools. Then using a soft bristle/paddle brush loosen the hair out and brush through repeatedly until the hair begins to soften out into a continuous smooth wave. Finish with hairspray and Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray that’ll give that high shine seen on the red carpet. It’s a beautiful classic look”

reese witherspoon grammys


2. Short And Sweet Crops (Charlize Theron & Anne Hathaway At The Oscars)

“If you have short hair this season’s red carpet proves there’s no need to feel pressure to grow it out for your wedding day!  Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron have championed short cropped haircuts that maintain femininity and ooze chic”

How to get the look:

“Ask for a cut that is softly textured throughout to prevent a short style from seeming masculine.  Use Moroccan Oil Light Oil on wet hair and dry in with your finger tips to add a luminous and soft finish

Jessica Speechly, Head Of Colour, adds: “It’s important with short hair to not try to add too many colours. A bold solid colour will enhance the cut and the  natural movement in short cuts gives the look of highlights and dimension”

kelly osborne


3. Retro Updos (Kelly Osbourne And Adele At The Globes)

“Hair ups have departed from the tousled messy styles of last year and hair looks healthy, shiny and impeccably groomed.  Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are ultimate inspirations for this fresh bridal look”.

How to get the look:

“Prep wet hair with volumising spray and Moroccan Oil Revitalising Treatment to stop frizz, then using a large round brush blow dry volume and curve into your hair.  My top tip is to use a nozzle on your hairdryer as this will give smooth airflow as you’re drying, tightening and smoothing the cuticles to give gorgeous shine.  Backcombing is essential for body and strength to your updo which will support veils or tiaras and last all day.  Side partings are stunning if you have shorter lengths around the face.  Centre and swept back will emphasise your eyes and cheekbones beautifully.  The back of such styles can be set into a bun/chignon or twisted vertically into a pleat, then smooth over the backcombed top sections using a soft brush and grip into the back shape to connect the style.  Finish with Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray for hold without texture change”.

Karis Taylor, Creative Stylist, says “The first discussion for many of my brides is the “up or down” conversation.  I’m a fan of both depending on the overall vibe of the wedding and the bride’s own personality, but as a big advocate of the hair strengthening and frizz beating results of the Keratin treatment, I’ve loved seeing flowing “down do” locks this awards season”

Rhianna grammys


4. Frizz Free Flowing Locks (Rhianna At The Grammys)

“Healthy long hair maintained in the run up to the big day is the best excuse to embrace a flowing look with it down and centre stage.  It’s glamorous, softening and as Rhianna demonstrated just as dramatic as an up do when executed correctly. A loose sexy wave is timeless”

How to get the look:

“What I call the gloss count is crucial to this look, and some of it is created by thickness and condition.  To eliminate frizz, the Keratin treatment is a game changer:  It infuses the hair with the protein  it naturally produces lasts for up to 2 months, making the honeymoon a frizz free zone too!  It’s also a process the invests in hair condition rather than stripping it. Adding length and depth to medium length hair with a few rows of weave is also a really easy way to boost healthy locks and add a little next level depth for the big day. The blow dry for this begins at the roots, with a good wet hair preparation with Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, a good barrel brush and tongs on random pieces of the hair for mid to end wave once dry”

Jessica Speechly, Head Of Colour adds:

“Soft sunkissed highlights give enhancement without looking over done. It’s a great way to play or introduce colour without committing”

jennifer lawrence


5. The Classic Updo – Buns And Chignons Remain A Red Carpet/Aisle Staple (Amy Watkins & Jennifer Lawrences At The Oscars)

“I love the way high buns on Amy  Adams or an intricate take on the chignon on Jennifer Lawrence bring just the right amount of wow to an essentially classic red carpet and bridal style.  Both flatter the face but really do deliver on the big day”

How to get the look:

For  a reliable foundation for your look to hold all day, work through Moroccan oil Hydrating Styling Cream from mid length to ends. This will add moisture and suppleness to the texture. Set your hair on medium size rollers, making sure each section of hair is about an inch in depth and width. Once rollers are cool remove then loosen the shape with a rake comb. Section the top part of your hair away, level with the top of your ear, bring the lower section back into a ponytail and place a sponge donut over the top pinning your hair around it to conceal and keep securely into place. Work visually in a mirror and bring the rest of your hair back and wrap over and around the bun pinning spraying as you go. Tip: spraying each section as you pin it into place will give great hold but a softer finish, visible droplets of heavily applied spray once you’ve finished will spoil the effect completely! Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray is perfect, it gives a fine mist with flexible hold.

To book a consultation with the Errol Douglas Bridal Team: 020 7 235 0110.

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