Relaxed v Natural Series: How and where to shop for products.

Hair texture can help determine what type of product you should look for whilst density helps determine how much of a product you should use. Hair with a thick strand diameter, tends to look and feel coarse, while with a thinner strand diameter looks and feels fine. Fine hair tends to need a lighter product than coarse hair does as each individual hair strand is easily weighed down by too heavy a product leaving the hair limp looking.

Feature: Diane Hall @igrewitlong

Diane Hall is the Author of ‘How I Grew it Long Naturally,’ a model (, financial support officer, hair stylist, mother and entrepreneur. She earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Fashion Design with Marketing & Promotion at the University of Huddersfield and is one half of the phenomenal team behind Natural Hair Week of which NoScrunchie […]


We caught up with Gemma Humes, the Senior Afro Stylist at Errol Douglas Salon in London and gave her the NoScrunchie interview treatment!  We think you should experience having your hair done by this lady – she rocks!   1.    How long have you been hairdressing, where did you train and how long did it […]

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Hair pulling may start at around age 11 years, although baby tric begins much earlier. Hair pulling has been known to also start later in life and can affect all ages. The effects of pulling can vary from un-noticeable to complete hair-loss, the disorder can also affect self-esteem and lifestyle.