Relaxed v Natural Series: How and where to shop for products.

Hair texture can help determine what type of product you should look for whilst density helps determine how much of a product you should use. Hair with a thick strand diameter, tends to look and feel coarse, while with a thinner strand diameter looks and feels fine. Fine hair tends to need a lighter product than coarse hair does as each individual hair strand is easily weighed down by too heavy a product leaving the hair limp looking.

SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Obama; Rocking the Bangs and the cover of…

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Interns Wanted at NoScrunchie HQ!

we need outspoken, bubbly girls with afro hair, whether natural, relaxed or weaved who have had good or bad experiences in salons… or you may just LOVE all things hair!

NoScrunchie Celebrity Interview: Annaliese Dayes @AnnalieseDayes

My launch into modeling was mainly through my own determination as apposed to someone discovering me. But you could also say that Britain’s Next Top Model was my first break,