Meet Black Skin Directory

Black Skin Directory connects women of colour to expert skincare professionals via a free online portal. In a 2017 survey of women of colour in the UK, 92% experienced difficulties in finding skincare professionals with relevant experience in darker skin tones. “Black Skin Directory at last gives the client some guidance and confidence in knowing […]

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Founded in 2010, the Company’s story begins in Ghana, where founder, Phyllis Nsiah was born and raised in her early years. Firm in the belief that good health is a right, not a luxury, Phyllis was brought up in a culture where health through the use of herbs was the norm, and skin care was made with 100% natural ingredients. Growing up as a teenager in London, Phyllis’s career path started with a degree in Applied Biology and human skin cell research. This scientific knowledge combined with the natural health wisdom laid the foundation for the future creation for Botanic Health Care.