The Scrunchie…Do you love it or hate it?

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Oh dear. Houston, it seems we have a problem!

Some people believe that the dear old scrunchie is making it’s way back into our fashionista’s wardrobes, which means, in a year or so, YOU will be wearing one too.  AGHHHHHHH!

There were red ones, yellow ones, green ones, multi-coloured ones and even tartan ones. Gulp.

If these pictures aren’t a good enough reason to ditch the very idea of a scrunchie creeping it’s way back onto your dressing table, then we don’t know what is!

old scrunchie 2


As you can imagine, by the literal description of our brand name, we are wholeheartedly, anti-scrunchie. All the way. NO. SCRUNCHIE. That’s  not yes, nor a maybe, it’s a point blank NO!

We think to ourselves, ‘Why would you put your hair up in an oversized, ugly looking, dodgy material covered hair band that simply does nothing for you?’

Yes, OK, it doesn’t damage the hair, you will be split end free, but is that a good enough reason to give in to the hype? We don’t think so.

We think it’s unattractive, unstylish, unclassy and quite frankly it stops you being creative with those locks of yours. Think of all the different looks you can have if you don’t scrape your hair off your face in one of these unsightly things! And for women with afro hair, well, it’s certainly not an excuse to ‘just do something different’.

Here’s the thing.  We think that,  no matter how many people try to ‘bring the scrunchie back'; Yes, and that means you Sarah Jessica Parker (pointed out by My Fashion Life), American Apparel AND Ashish (as brilliantly reported on by The Smart Girls Fashion Guide) we would like it to remain in room 101 back in the 80s. With all the other stuff that just looked, well……wrong.

ashish  no scrunchie     sarah jessica parker    american apparel

Come on girls! Don’t get stuck in a scrunchie rut! Don’t get pulled in by the power of advertising and pretty pictures. (I mean, if we all looked like these models above, flawless skin, amazing without a scrap of makeup, oh and don’t forget, being paid shed loads of money to wear what you get told to; it may be slightly different.) Get busy with the up do’s, twist it, turn it, fold it, pin it!  Take inspiration from the catwalks or just let it be as it is! Anything is better. Believe us!

Ok… Ok….The positives?

Take the ‘S’ away and it becomes a wonderful chocolate bar filled with honeycomb. Yum!

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March 11, 2013
I used to own a scrunchie. I still have it, brown and velvety. I kept it to remind me to stay away from them for the rest of time.

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