Errol Douglas Picks his Top Red Carpet Hair looks: OSCARS 2014

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lupita red carpet 2014

 “The lady of the moment goes bold, channels Grace Jones and nails it again.  There’ll be much “what about that alice band” talk and that in itself shows her red carpet presence this season.  I love the contrast between a very feminine blue (that she said reminds her of  home city of Nairobi) of the Prada flowing gown with a dramatic slightly punk crop finished with a futuristic band that almost stands alone.  Use a treatment mask the night before to ensure maximum hydration. On the day work in a hydrating product before a very gentle rough dry. Her short afro hair is tonged in sections, clockwise and anti-clockwise to build in texture (by flicking the wrist each way with a straightener) in an upwards direction. My Treat&Style (available in Boots) works particularly well on afro hair, delivering the straight whilst infusing the hair with Keratin from the capsule system to keep that shine and minimise damage. Gently rake out with each section with fingers (don’t brush) and pat to join them.  Spray a non sticky hairspray onto the hands and pat for hold”


amy adams red carpet 2014

“My favourite up do of the night.  Such an incredible shine, beautifully pinned to give that glossy rolled chignon with a little lift to the front that fits her age.   The overall finish really gives that sense of flow and connection from front to back.  Prep the hair while wet with a good hydrating product to build in shine pre-blow dry, drying in four sections before smoothing over with a straightener to build in that sleek finish.  Separate out a section from front to back from the middle taking at the side for the parting  to style later.  Using a paddle brush sweep one side section to meet the other at the back, slightly off centre, roll once vertically and use a few hair colour matching  pins to secure at nape, mid point and just below the crown.  Once secure, roll the loose hair back in on itself and pin again. Take the last section front to back and gently brush back with a bias to the side, pin more loosely as you join it to the top of the chignon at the back, leaving slack to tease a little lift at the front with placement that allows a very subtle wave en route to the back, this is how to avoid a separated sectioned up do.  Finish with a very light mist of a shine light reflecting product, to avoid weighing down spray the mist and walk into it”


naomi watts

“A simple, slightly rock n roll, great condition comb back/side sweep combo on long hair – love it.  For me this is just the right side of polish for the occasion whilst allowing a relaxed vibe that gives personality to an Oscar red carpet pro.  A good root lifting blow dry with a large barrel brush is key.  A little hairspray on wet hair pre-blow dry will help to build in enough hold and shape to avoid just “messy beach” here. Spray a  tiny amount of shine enhancing product onto a wide toothed comb once dry and comb front to back in 3 sections (side, middle, side) before very gently finger combing the front section for lift (don’t back comb).


cate blanchett

“Classic  movie star styling yes, but still stunningly executed and has to make a list of picks from the night.  Dramatic side parting on mid-length hair softly tonged ends that kiss the shoulders. What’s not to like? Gloss is everything, so choose moisture infusing products right from the wash, through to the styling and onto a hairspray that allows movement. Opt for a  sectioned root lifting blow dry, before using large rollers (3-4) from just below the ear to the ends, leaving in until the last minute.  Finish ends with a wide barrel tong so that once brushed out the ends  are loose and have bounce  as opposed to a  tighter ringlet finish”


jennifer lawrence

“Great styling as JLaw grows out her crop – big lift at the roots, movement built in with a dramatic comb back giving a flow that shows off the blonde highlights/roots contrast for a little rock n roll that completely suits her personality.  A gentle back comb to the front hints at a quiff but doesn’t separate itself from the “up and backwards” movement of the overall look.  A good tension blow dry from the roots in sections with a large barrel brush, using the cold blast function on the dryer once dry with the hair briefly upside down will deliver this.  A good hold hairspray to finish will ensure it lasts the night too”


viola davis red carpet 2014

“I love this classic relaxed pin curled crop from a former Oscar winner.  Very Gatsby,incredibly sophisticated and age appropriate.  This really shows off her features and allows the dress to shine.  Hydration is key with relaxed afro hair, so a treatment mask the night before is the best prep.  Blow dry quickly and gently with a large barrel brush focusing on lifting the root. My infrared dryer (available in Boots) delivers speed and an “inside out” dry to really lock in moisture. Point the nozzle down and follow the brush to the end of each section (4-5 sections).  Pin each section inwards as it’s dried, before taking each down to use a straightener as a subtle curler by wrapping the section once clockwise and once anti clockwise around the tool.  Finish with a non sticky hairspray, sprayed onto the hands and gently patted onto the finished look”

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