Weave tips – Things to know before, during and after wearing a weave.

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Recently we had a weave meetup, and this was designed to teach and share tips on how to maintain healthy hair under your weave. We had great speakers on the panel including Charmaine Haughton from MIZANI, the Mane Divas and Nji from Alyssum hair.

Weave tips meetup
It was a great evening with a whole lot of learning points that I am going to share below.

Weave tips 1: Before you install the weave.


  • Go to a professional salon. Find a salon professional enough to have a consultation, to let you know when you need to rest your hair. Listen to the professionals.
  • Get a consultation. Speak to a professional about your hair, your health, family hair loss history, their skills before you start the weave installation.
  • Do not install back to back weaves. If you feel that you must, make sure you have a protein treatment in between.
  • If your last weave or braids were tight, give your scalp some time to rest.
  • Make sure your hair is healthy. Is it falling out, limp or greasy, sort that problem out first.
  • Examine your own hair. It’s your hair, you know it more than anybody else. If it doesn’t feel or look healthy, don’t cover it with a weave as that will not help.

Weave tips 2: Caring for your scalp and hair while the weave is in


  • Get a product that has a nozzle so that you can drizzle the oils to your scalp. Mane divas have an applicator bottle in which you can mix your own oils.
  • Only put a few drops per area as oil will travel down the tracks, especially as your head warms it.
  • If you have a hair net, while it’s harder, it’s not impossible. Find a hole/space and drizzle a few drops in.


Weave tips 3: Washing the weave.


  • To avoid worrying about how often you can wash your weave, invest in good quality virgin hair which can last through many washes. If you only want a short term weave, then a synthetic weave will work for you.
  • Drying hair will take time. Have ample time to wash and dry your hair.The tracks will take the longest to dry.
  •  You should wash your weave once a week, ideally with a sulphate and silicone free product.
  • We recommend a wash and treatment in the salon every couple of weeks because then you are sure that the tracks dry. If you do go to the salon, please be patient. It will not be a short job drying the tracks.
  • Wet tracks will lead to a smelly weave. Your weave will smell of mold. Please dry your tracks.
  • Quick-tip: Dry the tracks first as they take longer to dry.
  • Would you air-dry your weave? If you are wearing a lot of hair, it will not dry. So it’s not advisable.

Weave tips 4: Heat styling of the weave


  • Use a heat protector before you apply heat to your weave. Make sure your stylist uses a good heat protector.
  • Heat protectors will have silicon in them so use a clarifying shampoo every so often to remove the layer of silicon.
  • If you like to curl your hair, get Indian or Cambodian hair as it holds curls longer.

Weave tips meetup

Weave tips 5: Taking your weave out


  • Take the hair out by section.Do not try to take it out all out and then detangle as it’s easier to manage in sections.
  • When combing it out, use a wide-tooth comb and a good natural oil.
  • Twist it by section as you take it out.
  •  Put a conditioner for at least 30 minutes before you wash. And then wash your hair.
  •  Or go to a good salon!

More pictures from the event below.


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